Digital Photo of nature

Well, yes, nice people, mostly surrounded by nice people. He led them to the chateau, the suite, which was dominated by an amazing living space with fireplace and furniture, worthy of noblemen and noblewomen. Spirit and perfection of the place fascinated her. Dark Baroque secretary with a winged dragon that her fixed his eyes, as if telling a story of ancient myths and whipped her brain to different ideas. Paintings on the wall undercutting the atmosphere of the place, along with an interesting story of the owner.

Large table near the fireplace with six carved chairs, urged a seating area. Ancient sound of the piano for a while filled the air in the chamber, that he was at his keyboard ran his nimble fingers. In her heart warm. Gradually filled with happiness and although she found it difficult to pronounce some feelings aloud, believing that he feels with what joy the things we prepared for it accepts.

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