Digital Photography Gander

But then .. I saw a lady, or rather lady, which meets exactly my secret dreams. Beautiful braid of dark hair, a cute blouse and skirt discreetly calling. Mutual took one look and I knew … But I knew only a tiny part of what followed. The whole evening was around me huge number of women. Shallowness of them were smelt to high heaven. “Sleep with someone who has a momentary power is in the current situation to see and know.” Primitive, but the situation that I recognized quite often at all events, where I picked up the microphone. I can not say my wife requiring contact and often additional benefits not doing well, but tonight I never even thought about them.

The whole time I just wanted to meet one. I wanted to see again the girl who captivated me. Her sincere eyes and a lovely smile frolicked me crazy. But she was quite cruelly ignored my eyes and looked impregnable and fully closed.

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