Digital Photos of the Nature

For some time living as a moderator. Although I try to get on stage is always a soul, I can say that it is always sincere. But what. I’m a pro, so my feelings no one asks. The event, which I actually started this blog and turned my life upside down, I took a lot just because they asked me about it, my friend, which for me meant not only personal commitments but also and above all very important trade ties, which simply could not refuse. Oh, and also they paid me well.

Everything took place in a traditional and stereotypical situation. I stood at the podium and said things that did not really understand myself, but that people enjoy. The audience applauded, laughed at my stupid jokes, and I was looking forward to when I can go to sleep. To end this selfesteeming ego tonight that I fall into bed with the feeling that someone I talked to him and brought nice experiences.

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